We release Carbon dioxide (CO2) every time we exhale as our bodies are set up to prevent too high levels of this gas. However, we need a balanced level – not too high, not too low – for the body to work optimally.

That’s because the right levels of Carbon dioxide come with plenty of benefits such as anti-inflammatory qualities, open airways and blood vessels, relaxed muscles and a calm nervous system, and increased oxygen supply to tissues, including your brain.

Listen to the newest episode of the Master Your Breath Podcast and learn about how even slight over-breathing can lead to chronic problems and how improving the way you breathe lays the foundation to relieve tension, improve focus and strength, allows the body to recover better, improves your sleep, optimizes blood circulation and oxygen supply, and allows the body to reset and heal itself.

Find more info on how to master your breath at https://tomrichter.yoga/learn-myb/


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Tom Richter
Tom Richter

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