MasterYourBreath Academy:
Learn to use the magic of breathing in all of your programs to maximize your clients results

Become a certified MasterYourBreath (MyB) Instructor through this intensive certification program with breathing expert Tom Richter. 

The MyB Academy includes 80 contact hours plus online resources, delivered over a 16-week period.

You learn everything you need to work as a Pranayama and Breathwork coach or to include it in your existing practice as a yoga teacher, health or fitness coach, physiotherapist or medical practitioner.

We believe in breathing as a tool for transformation and healing and want to ignite the highest level of confidence and excitement to share the MasterYourBreath principles, techniques, and protocols. 

Therefore, you will also learn tools and techniques to create and promote your offerings so you are encouraged to share your learnings from this course with the world.

In this way, we create an even bigger impact and - as a community of
MyB teachers - reach even more people to use the power of their breathing to transform their health and well-being.

Certification Course
Duration: 80hrs+
Starting Date: September 2024
Language: English
Online-Course with option of joining in-person for selected dates

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MyB Academy was a game-changer, providing in-depth theory and hands-on teaching experience

"I am thrilled to express my gratitude for Master Your Breath Academy, a vital extension of the Master Your Breath course. While MYB taught me the intricacies of breathwork, the Academy was a game-changer, providing in-depth theory and hands-on teaching experience. It enabled me to seamlessly transition from personal practice to confidently teaching breathwork to individuals and groups.

MYB Academy addressed my challenge of developing a teaching strategy and offering a structured approach to creating diverse courses. The live workshops were a highlight, fostering a dynamic learning environment, and the online sessions, while virtual, provided practical, hands-on activities that immediately applied the learned concepts.

What sets Master Your Breath Academy apart is its commitment to bridging theory and practice, ensuring participants not only understand but can confidently teach breathwork. This transformative experience has made me not only a master of my breath but a skilled and confident teacher. Thank you, Master Your Breath Academy, for enriching my teaching practice beyond measure."


With the MyB Approach you have a tool to support each of your clients to feel better and reach their goals faster through the power of breathing

Breathing is the foundation for every process in the body and transformation on all levels. How we breathe deeply affects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences. 

By improving our breathing patterns, we can learn to create a stable yet fluid spine, a stable core, and optimize our metabolism, hormones, strength, mobility, endurance, and condition. Furthermore, conscious breathing instantly creates awareness, clarity of mind and a connection to ourselves and our emotions. 

Therefore breathing is the foundational principle that lies behind any transformation, integration, release, and progress of ourselves, our students and clients - or can prevent them if breathing is not properly addressed. 

The field of Breathing has been growing steadily over the past years in its relevance across the fields of yoga, meditation, coaching, business, fitness, and health. Yet, it is still in the early stages with a constantly increasing demand for skilled teachers and coaches who know how to apply optimal principles of breathing to support people from all walks of life.

To work successfully as a breathing and pranayama coach, a combination of knowledge, experience and skill, combined with a simple, easy-to-use, step-by-step system is required. 

Instead of mindlessly applying the same breathing technique with every client, as a MyB Academy graduate you have a broad & deep understanding of the breath and are equipped with an clear step-by-step system, an internal map that allows you to assess your client, offer a perfect solution in your unique way and based on the individual needs of your clients.

The entire MyB Academy program sets you up for success by:

Practically experiencing the MyB principles, techniques, and protocols as a student and further exploring & growing your self-practice

Throughout the course, consistently practicing & improving your teaching skills (with valuable feedback from trainers & fellow trainees)

Acquiring a very practical understanding of the anatomy, mechanics & physiology of breathing and how this affects us on all levels

Gaining in-depth knowledge of the underlying science of breathing & a wide perspective on different schools of pranayama & breathwork

Understanding how the MyB principles of optimal breathing are applied to various fields (sports, therapy, well-being, coaching, etc.)

Mentoring your own clients through a 4-week program so you immediately apply and experience your new skills

Having consistent support, expert-guidance, and the opportunity to ask all your questions during live-calls and via email.

Getting inspiration and a step-by-step process to apply the learnings of the course immediately in your work

Being part of a motivated group of fellow MyB Instructors and trainees

Feeling confident and ready to implement instead of just collecting another diploma 

overcame my fears and built confidence to teach

"Through the  MyB Academy I was able to deepen my understanding and knowledge about breathing. Before enrolling, I couldn't imagine leading breathing classes. But with the vast knowledge I got and the many practical exercises that we did I now feel confident and experienced enough to guide others on their path to a more conscious breath.

I really enjoyed the course and it was fantastic that I could always join online. And even though I always joined through ZOOM, I never felt like something was missing and it was always easy to follow along.

I loved that it was a small group with a family-like atmosphere. We could build skill and knowledge by teaching each other and also presenting certain breathing topics to the group. This made me totally conquer any fear of talking to other people.

Now, that I have overcome the first obstacle of teaching classes - to groups as well as individuals, I am gaining more confidence every time I teach. While at the beginning I planned each class in detail, I am now getting to the point of using all the techniques more freely and intuitively. 

With the end of the course, I am now ready to creating my breathing offers and programs." 


Fields of study during your MYB Academy Course

I Your Transformation:
Learn to Master your Breath

Participate in the MyB Program, rooting all the knowledge & skills in your own experience.
Improve your breathing patterns in daily life and develop optimal breathing habits
Establish a short but powerful personalized breathing practice that improves lung function and overall health and well-being
Learn and apply tension-releasing techniques to relieve pain, improve posture, and optimize performance
Improve your presence, mental, emotional, and physical health
Plenty of bonus techniques to support mental, emotional, and physical health and actively create an abundant environment in your life

II Physiology, Anatomy & Mechanics of Breathing

Understanding the Respiratory system and how it effects every process in the body
Understanding breathing patterns and the relationship to functional movement
Gases of Breathing: Interplay of oxygen and carbon dioxide
Interplay of breathing on the nervous system and how to regulate ourselves through the breath
Effects of Hyper- and Hypoventilation, how to optimize oxygen uptake and effect of breathing on pH-Regulation
Practice: How to analyze someone’s breathing, hands-on and verbal adjustments, personalized instructions for different breathing types

III Connect to the tradition of Pranayama

Kriyas and Pranayama Techniques for different purposes, their benefits & contra-indications
Technical understanding of the three phases of Pranayama (Puraka – Kumbhaka – Rechaka)
Pranayama’s interplay with Chakras, Nadis, Vayus, Panchakosha
The importance of Ritual, Seat & count and how to apply them in the modern context
Pranayama from the perspective of Ayurveda
Practice: How to teach Pranayama-techniques, progressions of Pranayama-practice, Intro to Pulse diagnosis, Personlizing your student’s pranayama practice

IV Modern Systems of Breathwork

Understanding various systems of modern breathwork and how to apply them
Applications and protocols to use breathwork for Fitness, Coaching, Meditation, Therapy
Similarities and differences between modern breathwork and pranayama
Measures of breathing and breathhold capacity
Boosting endurance, delaying fatique and the use of hypoxic & hypercapnic training
Practice: Applying various forms of breathwork - their core principles contraindications

V The Healing Breath - Using the Breath in Therapy

Introduction to breathing therapy, what it can and cannot do
Application and relevance of breathing for various symptoms
How to set up a breathing therapy class
How to approach clients with health challenges and create confidence in the process for yourself and them
Generic and specific protocols to create the foundation for the body to heal itself

VI Attracting Clients & Creating Programs that work

Find your unique way of creating your offering as a breathing instructor & coach (whether you are starting from scratch or are adding breathing tools to your existing programs 
How to structure your offerings to create the biggest transformation for your students & clients
Proven strategies to find your clients, get them curious about your work, and enrolling them into your programs with confidence and joy

effective, simple, impressive

"I was impressed by the course. 

As far as Tom's method is concerned, its effectiveness in improving breathing habits likely changes all aspects of life—physical, mental, emotional, you name it. 

In terms of teaching, I was impressed by both how simply it can be delivered and yet how deep and comprehensive it is. 

Tom's true understanding and years of practical experience are rare finds. 

Warmly recommended to anyone looking to establish a professional practice related to breath."


Set-up of the MyB Program

The entire program is offered online through 6 modules. All training is delivered by Tom Richter.

During the MasterYourBreath Course, you apply the principles to yourself, improve your breathing patterns in daily life and develop a breathwork/pranayama practice. You also get inspiration on how to present the MyB techniques (30 hours). You can even repeat the MyB course within a year as often as they are offered. They include guided breathing sessions and Q&A twice a week plus special workshops.

Acquiring understanding and honing your teaching skills happens best through consistent adding of knowledge and applying it. Therefore we will have weekly sessions during the 4-months of the course (13 x 2hrs=26hrs).

To go deep into applying the skill, deep-dive sessions with group work are important as well. Therefore we will have 2 weekends with 12 hours each (24hrs).

I commit to answering all your questions during the group sessions and you always get personalized guidance about practicing and teaching breathing.

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