the Master Your Breath Program
with Tom Richter

In this 10-week program you elevate your breathing to a new level and with it the way you relate to your surroundings and the way you move through challenging situations in everyday life.

By applying the MasterYourBreath approach, it is possible to prevent and reduce a wide range of common illnesses. You can boost your energy, enhance your focus, better manage stress and relieve anxiety.

Any challenge - whether physical, mental, or emotional - relies on the foundational element of our breath and can be improved by becoming more skillful and connected to our breath.

Especially in current times, it is so important to take responsibility for your health, boost your immunity, and increase your mental and physical resilience.

Even if you already feel great, you can experience powerful changes to your well-being by applying the MasterYourBreath approach.

During this course will:

Optimize your daily breathing habits and increase your awareness of how to use your breathing to fully enjoy in all areas of life
Establish a short but powerful personalized breathing practice that improves lung function and overall health and well-being
Learn and apply tension-releasing techniques to relieve pain, improve posture, and optimize performance
Connect the newly acquired skill of masterful breathing to overcoming any challenge in life


Improve sleep and increase your energy in all daily activities
Learn to relieve tension, pain, fatigue, brain fog, and nervousness 
Experience a new level of centeredness and mental clarity
Enhance blood circulation to the brain and all vital organs
Build respiratory fitness, regardless of your starting point
Learn techniques to unblock your nose and insure optimal breathing throughout the day
Minimize breathlessness and symptoms of asthma
Learn to feel all upcoming emotions instead of suppressing them, and to connect to your own needs
Release fear & anxiety and build new confidence  

Interested in transforming your life - one breath at a time?

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The magic of your breath - and why it's the foundation for everything

Did you know that lung volume is one of the best predictors of longevity and that you can directly control your stress response through your breath?

Yet, for most people, breathing just happens automatically. We all breathe between 8 to 25.000 times each day without even thinking about it. And your breathing patterns follow whatever you are experiencing in your daily life.
Your breathing might speed up when you are stressed, get constricted and tense when you don’t have time to process an upcoming emotion and fall out of pattern when you are physically challenging yourself - e.g. during sports activities.

That’s where a big lever for improving our health, well-being, and awareness in daily life lies.


Your way of breathing can lead you towards stress or calmness, increase your energy or drain it, connect or disconnect you from your emotions, create tension, or lead to a more relaxed state and better physical alignment, more physical strength and endurance, or quick exhaustion…

Within seconds, consciously changing the way you breathe can induce calmness, joy, and centeredness.
Over the next months and years, improving your breathing patterns has the power to heal you on a deep level and in many aspects of life.

Even without major symptoms, any quest for enhanced health and well-being includes optimizing your breathing habits as a foundational element. But if you regularly suffer any symptoms, a change in breathing will likely improve your condition.

The MasterYourBreath Approach combines traditional pranayama, tension-releasing techniques, scientific breathwork, and optimal daily breathing patterns to:

Optimize performance

Control & Flexibility over your breath boosts your energy, aids in recovery and releases tension and pain

Improve your health

Optimal breathing habits boost your immune system & support a state of rest & repair

Reduce stress

Awareness of breathing allows you to balance yourself in times of physical, mental & emotional stress

Improve your breathing and take the benefits with you wherever you go - all day - every day.
The demands of daily life often adversely affect our unconscious breathing patterns. This, over time, leads to problematic breathing habits that then affect the way we feel, move, and function in our bodies throughout the whole day - even when the situation that triggered a breath response has already passed. A vicious cycle develops, making us more stressed, anxious, tense, and tired.

By increasing the awareness of our breathing habits and learning to engage in good-quality breathing we have the potential to directly affect our experience, performance, and well-being, whether at work, during our free time, or when connecting to and enjoying with family and friends. 

And since breathing is an integral part of us, wherever we go, any area in life can benefit from improving our breathing pattern. And while good breathing in our daily lives doesn’t always come naturally, it can be learned.
Breath-retraining and breathwork practices allow you to directly access and adjust your internal state, increase your energy, and feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

By slowly applying the principles of optimal breathing and learning to apply them one by one, you teach your body to breathe in a way that promotes health, happiness, and high performance in every aspect of your life.

It also empowers you as it gives you the ability to stay in the driver's seat of your life instead of being victim to life, because you gain control over your body, your mind, your emotions, and hence your ability to respond.


This course is delivered fully online and combines live ZOOM calls (including guided practice, lectures for better understanding, and Q&A) with user-friendly video modules that deliver the core ideas & guided practices.

You get:

The engagement, momentum, individual guidance and feedback from live courses
The benefits of joining from wherever you are in the world and learning at your own pace
A unique step-by-step approach that covers all parts of masterful breathing as a foundation for fitness & well-being
Progressive practices that pick you up at your current level and put you on a clear track to advance your breathing even after the course has finished
Guidance and support directly from MasterYourBreath creator Tom Richter  

What is included in the program

The Program is delivered live over 10 weeks. During this time you will receive the following:

Breath-Retraining of daily breathing habits: You become aware of and improve your breathing patterns during all daily activities, which will affect and improve your energy levels, sleep quality, and essentially all processes in your body, as well as allow you to bemore present and connected with your loved ones and in daily situations (e.g. work)
Weekly Q/A to ask all your questions and get feedback and lots of useful and practical information about using your breath in daily life to manage stress, stay focused, have more energy, and communicate better
Weekly Guided Breathwork classes & workshops: You learn simple exercises to release tension, increase lung capacity and improve control over your breathing, extend your breath, calm your mind, and reset your state
Special Workshops on how to breathe optimally during physical effort (asana practice, fitness, sports)
A personal assessment and individual guidance on your biggest levers for more health and well-being
All Live Classes, sessions, and workshops are recorded to watch at your own convenience in case you cannot join live
A personal prescription for your breathing practice based on your individual needs during the course and to continue after the course - a practice that supports you in your current situation and that you can rely on
Videos and Audio to download (or stream) with guided mini-practices to help you to establish your individual practice and implement the main parts of the program (and to keep after the program is finished)
A manual for you to document your daily efforts, your progress, and key learnings from the course
Additionally, you will learn and try out many simple tips for your daily routine that will support health, well-being, and focus, and lift your energy levels up as a synergetic supplement to your breathing practice

Interested in transforming your life - one breath at a time?

Schedule a Connecting Call, ask all your questions & find out if the MyB program is for you:

What Students say:

Feeling grounded and stable, more energetic and rested and my lung capacity increased

I did the MyB Program already 2 years ago before now enrolling in the MyB Academy and have been fascinated ever since how much influence breathing has on the whole body. I learned so many techniques that have had such a positive effect on my well-being that when I applied them regularly.  

I learned to control my stress through the breath. Before I had the feeling of reaching my absolute limit in so many situations. Now I always realize up front when I have to pause, take a break or take some time to reset.

In general, I feel much more energetic and rested. And I feel a huge transformation during sports and my lung capacity feels like it increased significantly. 

Even going through the course again now with the MyB Academy I picked up so many more details that are normal to miss the first time. 

I now feel very very stable and grounded - comparable to a tree that is deeply rooted in the earth and wavers a bit when it's stormy, but I don't break or fall over anymore.



More energy & less stress - more ease & clarity of mind

"Since taking the breathing course with Tom, I have incorporated many of the little tools and exercises that Tom shared with us. 

I take "breath snacks" throughout the day regularly and connect to my heart. I am more aware of the quality of my breath in daily life and don't feel so stressed out any more and go through the day with more ease and consciousness. There is nothing changed outside, but something is definitely changing inside of me.

I also have been steady in taking cold showers! Still can't believe it! My mind negotiates every time, but I like how I feel after it. It brings me more energy and clearness of mind.

Tom's passion to share his knowledge, his calmness and patience, the way he pays attention to details so we could properly understand the techniques, and his real concern for our progress made the course a great experience."


Living in this body has become a whole new experience

"I decided to work with Tom because I wanted to improve my swimming performance and meditation practice. As soon as we started, I realized that breathwork under his guidance is capable of much more than that.

Now, after four months, not only I am swimming more smoothly and my meditation is more focused, but living in this body has become a whole new experience.

Plus, I still feel I barely scratched the surface of possibility. Looking forward to learning more."


Clearer Mind - Calmer Body

"Tom's Breathing course has definitely made me more aware of my breathing and the importance of it. It has expanded my view and perspective of the breath, and the more I explore and practice the more I realise how little I know about something so important, yet so impactful on the whole body and mind. I wish this was something we were taught as part of our compulsory education in schools. 

I have definitely been given a really good starting kit with this course to begin practicing and exploring the breath , and I can notice the benefits already. For example when I have a few days of doing my pranayama practice regularly, I see my mind is clearer already and my body is calmer. The way you taught was welcoming and warm for all levels, and this is something I really liked. Thank you for your ongoing support and advice after the course has ended as well."


Knowledge, Understanding & More Self-Confidence

"Although I did have some knowledge of pranayama, Tom's Breathing course gave me much more knowledge, self-confidence and more understanding of breathing techniques. Also, with Tom's guidance I have developed a steady daily pranayama and meditation routine.

I recommend this course for beginners and for experienced yoga practitioners - anyone who is willing to go deeper in his or her practice and anyone who feels there is more to breath than we know it."


Gentle and individual approach

"I've been having regular pranayama practice for the last 10 years. I find it very useful for several reasons: it helps me to be more in balance physically and mentally, to be more resistant to life challenges and also I find it very good as a natural preparation for meditation.

Tom has been leading me through the whole pranayama practice for the last 8 years, and I always experienced it as a very useful, smooth, gentle and individual-based approach, and that he can sense when it is the right time to add the next step in my practice.

His courses are always very interesting and fresh, with new tips to use in my practice."


"After all the money I have spent on physiotherapy with no result, finally, through regular application of the diaphragm release techniques you taught us, I can now sit up tall with the space to breathe - it’s incredible.”

"Thank you for sending me your recommendation for my daily breathing practice. And I must say that I truly feel the difference due to everyday pranayama practice and due to making breathing a conscious act in everyday life. 

Last few years were challenging for me in more then one aspect, finally I’m starting to breathe in every possible way. Thank you for being my teacher. 🙏❤️

"Now that I am looking at my results of week 1 and week 4, I realize that I spend so much less  time in states of stress and anger. The awareness of breathing leads to so much more observing without the immediate need to react. I wanted to share that. And I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to do this course, I knew it would be good for me and that I will gain something from it, but didn't imagine it will be this transformative!!!"

“Tom, you will be delighted to hear that my therapist is delighted with my breathing practice and the progress I have made in such a short time.”

“I am already so happy with the results I have made after four weeks in terms of the anxiety that I experience regularly. Also, my energy levels are up, my concentration has improved and I sleep better.”

“After the first 3 weeks, my breathing capacity has improved much more than what I had expected.”

“Wow, I have so much more awareness throughout the day! And I can stay calm when it gets crazy in the office.”

"The reason I enrolled in the course was to improve my pranayama practice.Tom included complementing information about the breath into the practice, which I found it to be incredibly helpful in expanding my understanding of the breath.
After completing the course, I am more conscious of my breath and posture, and I have also honed my pranayama practice by following Tom's excellent advice."


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