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Watch the Welcome Video
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Live Workshops
Guided Practices
Module 1: Energize & Heal Through Improved Breathing Patterns

Module 1: Energize & Heal Through Improved Breathing Patterns

Adjust your breathing in all your daily activities based on the 6 principle of conscious breathing and see your energy surge.

About the Modules

Each Module contains various lessons
Follow the lessons of each module step-by-step - they do build on each other 
You can work on more than one module at a time as long as you have the time and energy to do so - take your time!

Tom Richter

Here you can find the recordings of live workshops, practice sessions and Q&A's

Practice 1.10.2022

To-do's for the first weekend (Time investment: ca. 30-40 minutes)

Watch the videos below (Introduction to the program, Overview of the manual, The 6 principles of conscious breathing, How to use the Relaxator breathing trainer and sleep tape, Measure your pulse and test your lung function)
Answer the questions of the Breathing and Health Questionaire in the manual and write down the total number of points
Measure your pulse and test your lung function and write the numbers down under step 4, day 1)

Here you can find guided practices for particular indications

Here you can find short Tutorials for a quick reference on each Pranayama technique 

PRANAYAMA & Kriya TUTORIAL/GLOSSARY - 2-minute demonstrations of each technique 

Note: Theses Pranayama Resources are not guided practices. They serve to show the key points of each technique or concept.

Supporting Techniques / Kriyas / Mudras

Uddiyana Kriya / Nauli

Agni Sara


Brahma Mudra

Jihva Bandha

Simha Mudra

Pranayama Techniques

Basic Pranayama Techniques

Blueprint of the Breath during Pranayama

Nadi Shodana


Dosha Balancing Pranayama Techniques

Surya Bedhena / Chandra Bhedena


Shitali / Sitkari

Advanced Pranayama Techniques

Bhastrika (advanced Technique - only do when prescribed by teacher)

If you have any questions, write to me at - I am here for you!

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