Hi, my name is Tom and I am a dedicated long-time Ashtanga yoga practitioner, passionate yoga teacher, healthy-living enthusiast and retiring business consultant.

On this website I want to provide tips and tools and share my experiences to help You getting started and staying focused and inspired as a successful yoga teacher and practitioner.

why I started teaching yoga

I want to inspire people to live a more conscious life. I believe that only by living with more awareness in all parts of our life can we reach more freedom, fulfillment and happiness while excelling to be the best version of ourselves and having a truly positive impact in the world. 

The way I accomplish this is by always being a student first. Over past 12+ years I have studied all kinds of techniques that help lead a more conscious life: Yoga and meditation practices, various ways of healthy eating and methods for developing and keeping good habits. I studied with expert teachers, read countless books and put all these techniques into action to experience their benefits in my own life. Some techniques I kept, some I dropped ,but I learned from each and every one of them.

And now I simply share with others (rather than teach to them) what I have learned so that they can benefit from my experiences. Basing everything on experience allows me to always stay true to myself in my teaching and will attract exactly those that can relate to me and my experiences. In that sense teaching itself becomes a path for growing into a better version of myself.

my Story - from being busy & overwhelmed to being fulfilled, happy and feeling free

I am blessed with two amazing older brothers who acted as mentors in various ways throughout my life. They both were practicing yoga long before me which I initially didn’t find too interesting, until my oldest brother Dirk finally introduced me to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

I was amazed by the the grace and strength of the movements and got hocked by the calm peaceful feeling that the practice left me with. I just kept practicing daily right away. This eventually led me on a journey to live the life of my dreams and purpose, gaining more self awareness, control over my physical body, my mind and emotions.

My brothers Dirk (left) & Lars with me

In 2009 I went to the origin of Yoga, beautiful India, to study and deepen my practice. Since then I have returned many times for more of India's beauty, intensity, love, and spirit.

Back then I was still working as a successful management consultant in Germany. And while the powerful Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice definitely helped me to deal with the typical stress of a corporate job, I also realized that I was not living my best life sharing my personal truth and making the world a better place.

Work is love made visible.

-Kahlil Gibran (in “The Prophet”)

Reading Kahlil Gibrans book back then didn't make me realize what I wanted to do in life, but I realized that working just to earn more money was not what he was writing about in this quote!  I was in doubt and unsure what to do and scared what negative consequences irrational decisions might have for my future.

Nevertheless, in 2010 I overcame my fear of loosing what I have. I quit my job and travelled around Thailand, India and Australia to see new parts of the world and further my studies of the Ashtanga Yoga system. I was introduced to the teachings of O.P. Tiwariji and began a daily pranayama practice in the tradition of the Kaivalyadhama Institute in Lonavla, India.

And you know how life and the Universe provide anything you need when you need it...

I am the luckiest guy to have found the love of my life along my way. We not only share our love for life and the exploration of the self, but also enjoy teaching and working together. Each of us brings along our individual skills to form a great team - in life, in business and in love.

Professionally I was lucky to immediately start teaching full-time and on a daily basis. I have built a Mysore Program from scratch and am able to see this amazing community of dedicated students grow steadily.

I get to support my partner Sandra in running a yoga school and teacher training program, always striving to get better, to improve the experience for the students and provide maximum value.

Sandra and me in the Thar Desert in India 2015

I got to partner up with my brother Dirk to create and teach together a teacher training program and practice intensive workshop series at his school in Dresden, Germany and look forward to future projects where we the three yoga brothers can team up and bring their unique perspective to create a unique perspective for our students.

I enjoy teaching workshops and retreats worldwide, have coached yoga teachers on the business and financial side of being a yoga teacher.

Lately we were blessed with the arrival of our son which shook up our whole existence in the most beautiful way possible.

It's my intention to keep creating a life for myself, my family and my extended yoga community that provides the most value to each of us.

All this makes me feel incredibly happy and grateful. But any of this wouldn't have happened if I wouldn't have taken the decision to trust my gut to say no to my old life that was set out for me. All this - as nice as it may sound - took many times doubting myself and my path, yearning for the supposedly easier way to find a normal job. I am glad I stuck with it!

are you ready to practice, learn, explore & to create a conscious life and business that supports yourself and provides value to others?

I want to share my insights on what I have learned on my path from yoga enthusiast and practitioner to full time Yoga teacher. I hope to inspire many eager yoga enthusiasts to live their dream and share Yoga and all its benefits with others.

Every aspiring yoga teacher will go through similar challenges. If we share our experiences with each other, everyone can benefit from each other. Then we won't have to all repeat the same mistakes or, even worse, give up on the way to becoming a successful yoga teacher.

With each challenge we can grow and learn new things, every mistake we make teaches us a valuable lesson and brings us one step closer to success.

diving deeper into practice - from asana to pranayama, meditation & mantra

Ever since my first experience of the Ashtanga System, I have been practicing on a daily basis. I continue my studies by dedicating an extended annual time to deepen and nourish my yoga practices with my teachers in India and on workshops around the world.

One of the beautiful things of being a Yoga teacher is that job trainings take place at the most beautiful spots on this planet. My craving for knowledge and understanding of the roots of yoga tradition and various aspects of the Ashtanga system brought me to meet and study with many senior teachers such as Mark & Joanne Darby, Rolf Naujokat, Lino Miele, Govinda Kai, David Swenson, David Williams, Graeme Northfield, Neil Barker, Anthony Prem Carlisi and many others.

My practice, mainly done by myself alone in a dark shala before starting to teach my own classes, has evolved over the years from purely ashtanga vinyasa yoga to now also include Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra.  This broadness but also depth of my practice I own mainly to the guidance of my primary teacher Paul Dallaghan, who inspired me to explore techniques beyond the ashtanga system, mainly in the lineage of the Kaivalyadhama Institute. What I value in Paul is that he is not trying to be a big guru, but more a personal friend and trusted guide, always available to point me in the right direction as I continue on my path of yoga self-practice.

I am blessed to share these practices with students, teaching each individual uniquely and focusing on helping each student to reach their full potential in every moment. I am grateful to be part of the yoga tradition which we can all contribute to keep alive only by continuing to practice and by sharing it authentically from our hearts.