Tom Richter
Breathing Instructor, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Welcome! My name is Tom and I am a dedicated long-time practitioner and teacher of movement, pranayama, breathwork and meditation.

I share ideas and tools to help you understand the importance of your breathing habits and guide you to improve them so that you can be more present and connected with yourself and experience and actively create more joy, clarity, and harmony in all parts of your life.

My expertise comes from

18+ years of dedicated daily practice and teaching of Yoga, breath work and meditation,
Long-term Study with Yoga & Pranayama Teachers in the tradition of the Kaivalyadhama Institute and as a Conscious Breathing Instructor
Curious personal research of the western science on breathing and its practical implementations as well as
Immersing myself into experiencing various practical approaches to use the breath to unfold the many layers of our being.

While all the techniques I practice and teach emphasize the healing and transformative power of our breath, they also have taught me that the most powerful tools are always simple - but become highly effective when practiced regularly over a long period of time, with sincerity, joy and curious attention to detail.

I look forward to sharing these teachings with you!

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