Learn To Master Your Breath

Did you know that lung volume is one of the best predictors of longevity and that you can directly control your stress response through your breath? 

The MasterYourBreath Approach combines 

traditional pranayama, scientific breathwork, and optimal daily breathing patterns to:

Optimize performance

Control & Flexibility over your breath boosts your energy, aids in recovery and releases tension and pain

Improve your health

Optimal breathing habits boost your immune system & support a state of rest & repair

Reduce stress

Awareness of breathing allows you to balance yourself in times of physical, mental & emotional stress

Whether you are a yoga practitioner, an athlete or self-improvement enthusiast...

whether you struggle with less than optimum health on a daily basis or simply want to feel even better… 

whether you are a yoga teacher, physiotherapist, health professional, public speaker, coach...

gaining mastery over your breath will support you to reach your goals!

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Transformations through the power of our breath 

Living in this body has become a whole new experience

"... Now, after four months, not only I am swimming more smoothly and my meditation is more focused, but living in this body has become a whole new experience. Plus, I still feel I barely scratched the surface of possibility. Looking forward to learning more."


Knowledge, understanding & more self-confidence

"Although I did have some knowledge of pranayama, Tom's Breathing course gave me much more knowledge, self-confidence and more understanding of breathing techniques. Also, with Tom's guidance I have developed a steady daily pranayama and meditation routine."


How often do you pause to feel the quality of your breath?

How you breathe has an effect on every system in your body, the energy you have available and how efficiently literally every cell in your body works.

Breath-retraining and breath work practices allow you to directly access and adjust your internal state and to lift you up physically, mentally and emotionally.

Teach your body to breathe in a way that promotes health, happiness and high performance in every aspect of your life.

Always fresh and useful tips -Gentle & Individual Approach

"Tom has been leading me in my pranayama practice for the last 8 years.

I always experienced it as a very useful, smooth, gentle and individual-based approach, and that he can sense when it is the right time to add the next step in my practice."


This transformative experience has made me not only a master of my breath but a skilled and confident teacher

I am thrilled to express my gratitude for Master Your Breath Academy, a vital extension of the Master Your Breath course. While MYB taught me the intricacies of breathwork, the Academy was a game-changer, providing in-depth theory and hands-on teaching experience. It enabled me to seamlessly transition from personal practice to confidently teaching breathwork to individuals and groups.

MYB Academy addressed my challenge of developing a teaching strategy and offering a structured approach to creating diverse courses. The live workshops were a highlight, fostering a dynamic learning environment, and the online sessions, while virtual, provided practical, hands-on activities that immediately applied the learned concepts.

What sets Master Your Breath Academy apart is its commitment to bridging theory and practice, ensuring participants not only understand but can confidently teach breathwork. This transformative experience has made me not only a master of my breath but a skilled and confident teacher. Thank you, Master Your Breath Academy, for enriching my teaching practice beyond measure.


More Energy & Less Stress - More Ease & Clarity of mind

Since taking the breathing course with Tom, I have incorporated many of the little tools and exercises that Tom shared with us.

I take "breath snacks" throughout the day regularly and connect to my heart. I am more aware of the quality of my breath in daily life and don't feel so stressed out any more and go through the day with more ease and consciousness. There is nothing changed outside, but something is definitely changing inside of me.

I also have been steady in taking cold showers! Still can't believe it! My mind negotiates every time, but I like how I feel after it. It brings me more energy and clearness of mind.

Tom's passion to share his knowledge, his calmness and patience, the way he pays attention to details so we could properly understand the techniques, and his real concern for our progress made the course a great experience.


Benefits of proper breathing

You breathe approximately 15-25 thousand times a day - every day. If your body knows how to breathe with great quality, each breath brings you closer to your goals. If, however, your breathing quality is habitually poor, each breath may increase any symptoms you might suffer from. 

Better Communication

With optimal breathing and a balanced state of mind and body, listening and hearing the other becomes easy and "reacting" unnecessary.

Strong Heart

Deep, rhythmic breathing works hand in hand with the heart and creates a pressure effect that support the blood flow back to the heart.

Enjoy Better Sleep

Impaired breathing affects you 24 hours a day - also while sleeping. Breathing through your mouth may contribute to snoring and reduce the daily rest and repair happening during sleep.

Feel the benefits of Strong Lungs

Your Lungs are opened and closed by the action of muscles - and muscles can be trained. Optimal control over breathing muscles gives you advantages when moving, thinking and may slow down aging.

Experience Less Pain

Intensity and quality of the pain you experience can be adjusted through the way you relate to these sensations via your breath. 

Increased Fatburning

How you breathe directly affects your metabolism and in which ratios your body uses fat and sugar to produces energy, also affecting your cravings.

Increased endurance

Rhythmic, slow breathing creates a flow during exercise and allows for optimal circulation, oxygen supply and energy production in the whole body.

Quicker Recovery

Good breathing patterns during exercise and recovery decrease inflammation and optimize energy production, circulation and oxygen supply to all cells.

Better Sex

Intentional, conscious breathing patterns allow body control, allow a state of trust, intimacy and letting go and directly increase stamina and blood circulation.

Less Worry

Impaired breathing patterns will create less optimal brain states, intensifying the experience of negative thoughts and emotions.

Straight healthy Teeth

Habitual mouth-breathing - especially in adolescents - can affect the way the chaw develops and the space available for the teeth.

Increase your Focus & Concentration

Ever tried to do math while hyperventilating? Optimal breathing creates a calm state while cells in the brain get well-supplied, alllowing for optimal concentration. 


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