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mindful strategies to live yoga on and off the mat

  • I have been studying Ashtanga yoga with Tom for over three years now, on almost daily basis. During that time I have hugely progressed in my practice. This was also a time of great transition for me, during which I started a new yoga company. Tom has always been a great mentor in this process. Perhaps the most valuable outcome of working with him so closely and hearing his advice is a much better sense of my personal potential and ability to achieve things, on and off the mat.
    Dejana Koprivc Dejana Koprivc Founder of Supersoul.Yoga
  • My Coaching with Tom gave me a great base to sort out my thoughts and clarify my goals and find my own path. Prior to our work I felt uncertain. I was ready to make my life as a Yoga teacher happen, the ideas were there, yet I needed somebody to help me actually getting started and going. With Tom’s help I was able to reflect myself, my goals and my scheme of life. Now I feel motivated to work on my goals – one step at the time – and to achieve what I have set out to do.
    Sandy Hieke Sandy Hieke Yoga Teacher
  • Dear Tom, I really want to say thank you for such an awesome, warm-hearted workshop. I really learned a lot from you and totally enjoyed the complete 4 days! I am thankful wholeheartedly for having you as a teacher on my Yoga journey! Thank You. Namaste!
    Weiting Weiting Yoga Student
  • Having Tom as a coach is very precious, because he speaks about his personal experience and shares what he has learnt on his path. Having a guidance and acknowledgement in the moments of designing your career is the best you can do for yourself.
    Ivana Crncic Ivana Crncic Yoga Teacher