Systems of breathing give you a clear set of tools or techniques and defined steps to apply them.

Principles of breathing are general conditions, alignment cues, qualities, or mechanics, that support an efficient breathing process and can be applied to almost any moment, system, or condition.

Systems of breathing (just like systems of movement, eating, communication, therapy…) come with many benefits. But we also tend to discuss or even fight over which is best.

But when we understand the difference between principles and systems, we can stop arguing and ask the real question: Which system is the best for YOU and why haven’t you mastered the principles not yet? Because they ARE the foundation.

If we declare a system superior, we get dogmatic thinking and judgment over other (supposedly inferior) systems.

If we use a system without understanding the underlying principles, we miss out on benefits and risk injury and long-term problems.

Listen to my thoughts on this topic in today’s episode.


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Tom Richter
Tom Richter

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