Is there a way we can use our breathing to remain calm even in stressful situations?

You may have gotten the advice before to “just breathe”, whenever you are in a demanding situation. However, in reality, it will be almost impossible to think about breathing let alone change our breathing pattern when we are already under pressure.

The reason it doesn’t work is that we never practice our breathing patterns or know how to shift them to feel better.

That’s where breath snacks come in. By taking three to four breath snacks of 1-5 minutes each throughout the day and intentionally shifting the breathing pattern, we not only re-center ourselves and calm body and mind but also learn to control our breathing and get skilled in creating an optimal breathing pattern.

Furthermore, the benefits last as the body keeps the improved breathing pattern even when we continue with our daily activities and forget about our breathing.

And it takes us practically no extra time – you can do it while waiting in line, watching your coffee running through the coffee maker, sitting in the train or car…)

If you want to remain present, alert, and centered in all life situations, then listen to this episode and start to add some breath snacks to your life.

Enjoy the show.

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Tom Richter
Tom Richter

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