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Week 1

28-Day Breathing Challenge
(also part of your materials)

Presentation of Week 1

To-do's for the first weekend

Attend the live Sessions on Saturday and Sunday or watch the recording below
Join the Facebook Group
Answer the questions of the Breathing and Health Questionaire in the manual and write down the total number of points
Measure your pulse and test your lung function and write the numbers down under step 4, day 1)
Fill out Steps 2, 3 in the Improve your Breathing Manual (Explanations you can find in the video below)
Do the Lung function test and measure your pulse in the morning after waking up and write them down in Step 4, Day 1

To-do's for the first WEEK

Start your day with 10-20 Minutes of Breathwork:

Gratitude - Forgiveness - Asking for Guidance & offering Trust

Neck, shoulder and spine mobilization

3x Pre-Uddiyana (Sucking up the belly through lifting the ribs after exhaling fully and holding the breath)

Relaxing the belly and pulling in the lower belly while keeping the upper belly expanded

Brahma Mudra - Turning your head left, right, up, down

Finding the space in belly, ribs, through the lift in the heart and in between your shoulder-blades to breath into

15 breaths in a ratio that feels comfortable, for example 4 sec in, pause 2 sec, 6 out, 2 sec pause

Lie down and take rest

Any new activity starts with an awareness of the 6 principles of conscious breathing - start with amazing alignment, breathing while using mainly your diaphragm and always through your nose
Start using the Sleep Tape, the Relaxator and do any physical activity with your mouth closed - track your engagement in the manual
Ask yourself throughout each day: Am I having Fun right now? And what can I do right now to feel better and breathe better?
Post your commitment and any wins to celebrate in the Facebook Group - Share your beautiful energy with the everyone :)

Recording Saturday 17.7.2021

Recording Sunday 18.7.2021 PRACTICE

Recording Sunday 18.7.2021 Lecture

Walk through of the Manual for the 28-Day Improve-Your-Breathing Challenge

Measure your pulse and test your lung function

For breathing test: Use the stop watch on your smart phone. Set Relaxator on highest resistance. Exhale fully, then start the stop watch and breathe in for 6 seconds, exhale through the Relaxator as long as you can. Write down the score in the manual (step 4) under Breathing for days 1 - measure pulse and breathing capacity again on days 8, 15, 22 and 28.
If you do not have a stop watch, use this one:

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